Why Choose a Course Accredited by the Rolf Institute?

The British Academy of Rolfing Structural Integration (BARSI) is the only UK school offering a comprehensive training program that is accredited and certified by the European Rolfing Association in Munich and also by the International Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado.

The Rolf Institute is the original school of Rolfing Structural Integration and is the only school 
that certifies Rolfers.

Class sizes have a maximum 10:1 student to teacher ratio (or better) to maximise individual student-centred attention.

The UK programme is based around a modular timetable, enabling students to train 
alongside their current job.

We offer a range of experienced and inspiring Rolfing instructors during the 
course of the training.

Teachers are from the European and International Rolfing Teaching Faculty.

Professional membership

As a Certified Rolfer you will become a member of the European Rolfing Association e.V.

ERA members are entitled to use the word Rolfing® to describe their work and to use the ‘little boy logo’.

ERA membership dues range from 100 – 450 Euros per year, depending on your status, active, 
limited or inactive. This includes the fee for the service mark licence and membership services.

A percentage of membership fees remains with Rolfing UK which is the association of Certified Rolfers in the UK. As an ERA member in the UK you will automatically become a member of Rolfing UK.


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