Training Prerequisites

Admission Requirements for the Training

  • Age 25 +
  • A University degree in any subject or proof of a successful professional career
  • Experience of the Rolfing method through receiving
    • 10 Rolfing sessions from a Certified Rolfer
    • 5 Movement-Sessions (at least 3 of which with one Rolfer)
    • or 3 Movement Sessions with one Rolfer + Pre-Training Movement Weekends (2 Pre-Training Movement days = 1 Movement Session)
  • Psychological and personal ability to accompany clients in their process
  • Some knowledge of anatomy and physiology
  • Some knowledge or experience in manual therapy is desirable

Please feel free to contact Giovanni Felicioni to discuss any of this especially if you have questions about the level of anatomy, and manual therapy experience required.



for more info on How To Apply, click here

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