Pre-Training Workshops



Note: There are no new PreTraining workshops planned for the UK – please contact the European Rolfing Association (ERA) for more details about forthcoming trainings –



The themes for these three Spring 2018 PreTraining weekends are:


Exploring Human Verticality and Gesture the Rolfing way

– Orientation, Articulation, Hinges and Spirals in Gravity


On each weekend we will continue to explore how Rolfers work through touching and being touched; how we use different tools (fingers, hands, elbows etc); how we transfer weight while developing good body use so that we can access deeper and deeper layers of the fascial tensegrity of the body.

How to hold clear, compassionate dialogue with the other that makes space for discovery and surprise.

How Rolfers read and sense bodies and how they are organised for better or worse for standing, walking, breathing, sitting and the other gestures needed for life and communication.



  • ‘FEET TO SPINE’ – 24 & 25 March 2018 (Sat & Sun)
    • we will continue to palpate and explore the living fascial anatomy of the feet, legs and pelvis to spine; we will continue to explore how we organise ourselves for standing, walking and breathing in relation to this “lower” territory, and how touch and attention to movement and perception bring about the beginning of change.


  • ‘HANDS TO SPINE’21 & 22 April 2018 (Sat & Sun)
    • we will continue to palpate and explore the living fascial anatomy of the hands, arms and shoulders to spine; we will continue to explore how we organise ourselves for standing, breathing, gesture and expression in relation to this “upper” territory, and how touch and attention to movement and perception bring about the beginning of change.


  • ‘SACRUM TO CRANIUM’ 19 & 20 May 2018 (Sat & Sun)
    • we will continue to palpate and explore the living fascial anatomy of the axial body: back, spine, ribs and sternum, visceral river and sacrum to cranium; we will continue to explore how we organise ourselves for all the movements listed above and how the body is built for spirals. We will continue to look at how touch and attention to movement and perception bring about the beginning of change.


You may attend one or all of the weekends. For one (1x) Movement Session Credit you must attend all three weekends (see below for explanation).

These three additional weekend workshops in 2018 will build upon the content and material of the 2017 PreTraining workshop series. However, they will also be structured in a manner that allows beginners to navigate their way and feel comfortable with the material.  Essentially on each weekend we will bring the subjects of Touch, Anatomy and Movement together as we explore different areas of the body and aspects of verticality and breathing and walking — the important repetitive movements of life.

Our Pre-Training programme focuses specifically on Rolfing® Touch, Rolf Movement, and Experiential Anatomy, and follows the curriculum of the European Rolfing® Association e.V. (ERA) pre-trainings. These extra weekends offer a series continuing to gain fundamental knowledge to prepare you for the subsequent training to become a Certified Rolfer. All are welcome. Workshops can be booked individually AND it is recommended that you attend all workshops.

The Pre-Training is a great preparation for entering Phase 1 of the Basic Rolfing® Training, for writing your Admission Paper and doing well at your Admission Interview, or for discerning whether Rolfing®, or bodywork for that matter, is for you. These pre-training weekends are designed for those who are not body-workers and they are also designed to be of benefit to bodywork/movement professionals who want to explore re-orienting themselves towards the anatomical, functional and touch approach used in a Rolfing® career.

The weekends will be held at the lovely Kailash Centre, St John’s Wood, central London (the same venue where the Rolfing® Training will be held). Giovanni Felicioni, a Certified Rolfing® and Rolf Movement Instructor, will be the main teacher.


BARSI Pre-Training offers you:

  • a comprehensive introduction to the world of bodywork from a Rolfing® perspective which will provide you with new insights and understanding in the areas of:
  • body structure and human verticality
  • movement as coordination, perception and meaning
  • 3-dimensional fascial and functional anatomy
  • manual bodywork skills ranging from: developing different tools for touch, how to touch and access various layers of fascia and systems of the body, and how to evoke and support movement in others
  • beginning to understand the role of embodied exploration in self development and for learning in the bodywork field
  • beginning to “sense, perceive & read” how gravity is flowing through a body while static and moving
  • an introduction to contemporary somatic and movement theory
  • embodied knowledge gained through self-experience, lectures, practical work in pairs and groups, reflection, discussion. The approach will be introductory with ample time given to exploring and finding in your body, and through the bodies of others.
  • an inspiring and challenging introduction for those without a professional background who are curious about the human body and its functioning and/or are exploring whether a career as a body-worker or as a Rolfer® is for them.
  • a rich, appropriate time of study or revision for any body-worker wishing to refresh and deepen their knowledge in the field of structure, movement and touch and to begin to understand how Rolfers



  • these three Additional PreTraining weekends can be used as a substitute for one (1x) of your Rolfing® Movement Sessions required for Admission to the Rolfing® You must attend all three weekends to obtain this credit.


  • the workshops are an introduction to the Rolfing® body of somatic knowledge –information presented in these weekends will be repeated and deepened in different ways in the various Phases of your Basic Training.



The later weekends do not require attendance of the previous weekends – workshops are designed to be stand-alone. You may enroll in one, some, or all of them. They each will continue to evolve the material as shown below.


Schedule and Style

The information presented in the PreTraining workshops will be for the purposes of introducing you to the body of somatic knowledge we call Rolfing®. Attending these weekends will allow you begin to “relax” into the style of embodied learning that Rolfers are proud of.

With this in mind we hope that the material, as you encounter it again and again during the Pre-Training weekends and in Phase 1 of the Basic Training, will become a field for insights and understanding that you can appropriate and eventually use for your own self-development and as a practitioner.

If you are unsure about your skill levels as a body worker or have never worked with verticality, perception and movement we urge you to take the entire pre-training in order to be well prepared for the Rolfing Training.

The spirit of the weekends will be playful and intense. Theory will be arrived at by embodied exploration on self and with others and then underlined in small group and class discussions. We will endeavour to create a strong learning container for the class that respects individual learning styles and allows ample time for “getting lost” and “finding” as you learn.

  • the student/instructor ratio on the PreTrainings is envisaged to be 12 to 1, (historically it has been apprx 8 or 10 to 1).
  • you will receive a minimum of 7 hours class time per day
  • days will run from 9:00 to between 18:00 and 19:00
  • a lunch break of 90 minutes starting somewhere between 12:30 and 13:30
  • morning and afternoon break
  • coffee, tea, fruit and nibbles will be provided
  • please wear comfortable clothes and be prepared to work in underwear


The Directors of BARSI and the European Rolfing® Association e.V. have agreed to postpone this third Rolfing® Training to August 2018 to ensure viable numbers in class. If you are interested in this third round of Rolfing® Training in London and you do not have the new postponed dates and all the other documents needed for application please enquire at the email below.

Once again we have made these three Pre-Training workshops less expensive by reducing the daily cost from £140 a day to £80 per day. You must register for both days of the entire weekend and there are three weekends which will follow a progression of learning for Touch, Anatomy and Rolf Movement.

  • The total cost of each weekend is £160.00.

Places are limited so book as soon as possible.

Registration/Payment deadlines are:

  • ‘FEET TO SPINE’ payment deadline is 01 March 2018.
  • ‘HANDS TO SPINE’ payment deadline is 01 April 2018.
  • ‘SACRUM TO SPINE’ payment deadline is 30 April 2018.

Please note that all fees are non-refundable** unless you find someone to take your place on the workshop.



To register, please request the short registration form by emailing:


Courses will run if numbers are 6 or above.

** You will be refunded your fee if BARSI cancels these additional workshops.

For questions on the content of the training, suitability of Rolfing® as a career change for you and eligibility please ask to speak to Giovanni Felicioni.


Please arrange via bank transfer to:

Account number: 1145 6288
Sort code: 40-33-07


So that BARSI can track your payment accurately,
please include a payment reference in this format:

First Initial, Last Name       PT          # of workshops you are paying for

For example:
D SMITH  PT     March
S JONES   PT      1




If you are coming from out of London we suggest the affordable St Athans Hotel in Bloomsbury, near Eurston Station and a quick tube ride to our venue in St John’s wood. AirBnB also offers local and affordable options.

Important Disclaimer

Before confirming a course or weekend BARSI reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule if there are not enough students enrolled.  We are a small start-up organisation and cannot run at a loss.  So please DO NOT book travel or accommodation until you have a clear confirmation from BARSI that the course is running.



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