Experience Rolfing in a Class Setting

For each Training, BARSI seeks Clients to receive Rolfing sessions within a class setting, and this usually occurs during the third and final Phase of the programme. The primary criterion is that Clients are able to solidly commit to a series of sessions during one long weekend per month for apprx 6 months in a row (see dates below) – each Client will be working with one Rolfer during this process. It is essential that Clients agree to keep the dates in place as missing any of the agreed dates means that the Rolfer will miss crucial learning experience, and this is not fair on his/her education process. It also means that Clients will not receive all the Rolfing sessions, and the process will not be complete. Therefore BARSI places great emphasis on the commitment of Clients to be able to maintain the agreed set of dates.

The other primary criterion is that Clients have had little or no Rolfing previously.

Clients would need to be available for all the dates below (you don’t have to be available for all the days within each Clinic, just two days between Wed – Mon & Thurs – Sun in each Clinic). Once BARSI begins the process of  pairing Clients with Rolfers, you will be able to choose your dates more precisely :

  • Clinic 1

26-29 MAR 2020 (Thurs 9am to Sun 16:00)

  • Clinic 2

22-27 APR 2020 (Wed 9am to Mon 12:30 / 13:00)

  • Clinic 3

27 MAY – 01 JUN 2020 (Wed 9am to Mon 16:00)

  • Clinic 4

24-28 JUN 2020 (Wed 9am to Mon 12:30 / 13:00)

  • Clinic 5

29 JUL – 03 AUG 2020 (Wed 9am to Mon 12:30 / 13:00)

  • Clinic 6

03-06 SEP 2020 (Thurs 9am to Sun 16:00)

Clients are asked to pay a very reduced rate in the classroom setting and contribute £25 per session (there are ten sessions total).

Please contact BARSI directly via email if you would like to be placed on the mailing list for Rolfing Within a Class Setting. Please only register your interest to be a Client if you are able to commit to the dates appearing above, many thanks.


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