Becoming A Rolfer®

How to become a Certified Rolfer™

The Rolfing training course we are running in the UK is in the modular format, comprising 3-5 day modules taking place across long weekends, approximately monthly, over 2.5 years. The Rolf Institute training is divided into three Phases, as outlined below.

Optional preliminary workshops

Orientation workshops

Pre-training workshops

Spectrum in Germany, see

The three phases

In Phase One you will be introduced to how Rolfers touch, understand movement, and use anatomy. Phase Two is called the Embodiment Phase. During this Phase of your studies you will learn how to give the Rolfing 10-series and embody the theory of Rolfing. In Phase Three, the Clinical Phase, you will learn to take various clients from outside the class, through the Rolfing process. This will take place in class under supervision of the teachers and with more class time for deepening your embodied, theoretical and practical understanding and skills. See below for more information.

Phase 1: Foundation workshops

Movement (5 days Wed – Sun)

Anatomy (5 days Wed – Sun)

Touch (5 days Wed – Sun)

Admissions (interview day on the day after the third Phase 1 workshop, for Admissions into Phase 2)

Phase 2: Embodiment

Embodiment of Rolfing Theory and Practice

  • theoretical background
  • witness 10 sessions
  • practical exercises
  • exchange 10 sessions with student
  • learn to develop a treatment strategy
  • midterm and final interviews

There are 10 modules in Phase 2. The first, fifth and tenth modules are 4 days (Thurs am – Sun 4pm) and the other seven modules are 3 ½ days (Thurs 2pm – Sun 4pm).

Approximately one module per month.

Between Phase 2 and Phase 3

2 mentoring sessions
write a paper (about the 10 sessions: theory and personal experience)

Phase 3:

Clinical Phase
work with clients
deepen understanding of theory and application
midterm and final interviews
There are 6 Modules in Phase 3. Each module is 4 – 5 days approximately a month apart.


You become a Certified Rolfer at the end of the last module.

Between Phase 3 and the Supervision Workshop

3 mentoring sessions

Supervision Workshop

You are required to attend a Supervision Workshop about one year after certification. This workshop lasts for 6 days and currently these are being run in Munich (see Attendance at a Supervision Workshop is mandatory.

Post Graduate Trainings – optional

Advanced Training

You can attend an Advanced Training course 3 – 7 years after certification
After 3 or more years of practice
You must have 18 credits of continuing education
24 days Advanced Training

Then you become a Certified Advanced Rolfer. Necessary for becoming a Rolfing Mentor or Rolfing Instructor

Movement Certification Training

Open to all Certified Rolfers
Possible immediately after certification
Functional aspects of Rolfing
Learn to give movement sessions and deepen your functional aspect of the classical 10 sessions
18 days Movement Certification Training.

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