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What is the British Academy of Rolfing?

The British Academy of Rolfing Structural Integration (BARSI) was set up as a Community Interest Company (CIC) in 2010 to provide Rolfing training courses in the UK.

It is a not for profit company, supported by Rolfing UK (the UK Rolfers Association), the European Rolfing Association and the Rolf Institute in the US.

Instructors of BARSI Rolfing Trainings are all members, in good standing, of the Rolfing Institute Faculty.  Our Trainings are accredited and certified by the European Rolfing Association, Munich (ERA) and the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration, Boulder, Colorado (RISI).

If you would like more information on RolfingTM, Rolf Movement, History of Rolfing, and Ida Rolf or on the UK community of Rolfers please go to: www.rolfinguk.co.uk

BARSI Company number is 07422492.

BARSI Registered address is: 16 Queen Street, Bristol BS1 4NT, UK. **

** Note: please do not send Applications to this address. Applications are accepted via email.

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